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"Her visit to my school meant a lot to me."  (Stephanie)

"I think the assembly really affected the outlook of drugs and alcohol on my peers and me."  (Jackie)

"Her stories were exceptional, some quite touching."  (Jake)

"Linda Dutil is a very unique presenter."  (Ryan)

"Good-Cool-Excellent.   Related well.  Very interesting.  Informative."  (Tom)

"Good use of stories-really impacted us on the effects of drugs and alcohol."  (Amy)

"Cool!  She knew how to talk to us.  If that charcoal and tubing didn't scare someone out of doing drugs, nothing would."  (Josh)

"Very informative and fun.  Eye opening and very persuasive.  She knew how to work the crowd."  (Amanda)

"She was very touching.  She grabbed our attention right away."  (Crystal)

"I really think that she should come back next year.  It really helped."  (Mike)

"I don't know if anyone will be able to make people stop drinking, but maybe your assembly will make them drink moderately and responsibly."  (Jamie)

"Many people in the audience needed to hear your message.  I hope that it sunk into their brains.  The words you said really made me think."  (John)

"It was one of my favorite presentations I have seen.  Your presentation made me cry."  (Roshni)

"It really made me think what I will be if I continue to do what I do.  It made a lot of things go through my mind and I'm sure you touched a lot of lives today."  (Traci)

"The way you told the stories was great because you made us seem like we were in the Emergency Room."  (Preston)

"I'm a strong believer in learning from other people's mistakes, and your stories certainly made me think."  (Dora)

"Some people come here and they are old and just sit up there and lecture.  I thought it was cool that you didn't lecture.  You came down to our level and told us stories that really made us think."  (Kara)

"Your presentation really spoke to me.  I was especially glad that you touched on the dangers of drugs and cold medicines."  (Carlos)

"You are an amazing person to have seen all of those horrible things and still have the strength to tell others about it all.  You are very inspiring.  Thanks!"  (Jenny)

"Even though I have heard from speakers like you almost every year since I began middle school, but your presentation was the best one that I have ever seen."  (Heather)

"I think you really opened people's eyes to the reality of their choices."  (Abby)

"From my point of view, I believe that your presentation was not only very informative, but also very well planned and eye opening."  (Brianna)

"I really enjoyed the approach in which you gave your presentation.  It wasn't a bunch of statistics we have already heard a ton of times.  It was about real life stories from a real E.R. nurse."  (Heather)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your breathtaking awakening to what could be.  Your words touched and held fast, with strength and warmth.  The rather unique and quite beneficial experience opened my eyes to what happens."  (Justin)

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know that you really made me think about all my past actions and I'll now know what I'll face if I ever were to make those decisions again.  Thank you for coming out.  I really enjoyed your stories."  (Kerri)

"Interesting!  I give it two thumbs up!"  (Russ)

"It was very lifelike and not just statistics.  I enjoyed it.  I wished it were longer.  She used great personal experiences from her job."  (Elaine)


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